Need Ink? Retractable Ink Pens By the Pound!

Need Ink? Retractable Ink Pens By the Pound!

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Let us take care of all your writing needs in one convenient order. We have thousands of retractable pens, all high quality, and come in assorted ink and pen colors. Also - you can get them shipped to your door in convenient packs (2 pounds, 4 pounds, 8 pounds). All pens are shipped in mixed styles and colors, making writing more fun and stylish than ever. Order your pens today while supplies last.    

2 LB - Approximately 115 Pens

4 LB - Approximately 230 Pens

8 LB - Approximately 450 Pens


  • Highly durable
  • Quantities are not exact, measured by weight
  • Assorted varieties and styles
  • Retractable
What's Included:
  • One (1) Box of Pens (colors chosen at random)
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