Christopher Adams 1800 Series Padded Mattress Protector

Christopher Adams 1800 Series Padded Mattress Protector

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Add a touch of pure comfort to your bed with this deluxe padded mattress cover! Keeps your mattress safe and clean with and features reinforced seams for longer wear. 

  • Padded Mattress Protector
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Water Resistant
  • Bed Bug Barrier For Extra Protection
  • Safeguards Against Dust Mites And Allergens
  • Reinforced Seams For Longer Wear
  • Fits Extra Thick Mattress
  • Available In King, Queen
  • Machine Washable
What's Included:
  • One (1) Mattress Protector
  • Note: Pillows/Pillow Covers Not Included
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