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Tangle-Free 25Ft Expandable Garden Hose

Tangle-Free 25Ft Expandable Garden Hose

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This is an incredible hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its length (up to 25'), while giving you a wide diameter and powerful high-flow spray. Simply turn the water on and watch the hose grow. Turn the water off and it contracts back to a short length. No more struggling with heavy hoses--this one has a light and kink-free design that weighs about one pound! Made from a tough, expandable inner hose and a folded outer hose made from super strong webbing, there is no other hose like it in the world. You'll be truly amazed at how much easier your work around the house and yard will be!


  • Never again deal with twists, tangles, reels, or kinks
  • Automatically expands 3x bigger when water is on
  • Automatically contracts when water is turned off
  • Extra strong and durable, yet lightweight for ease of use
  • Watering the lawn is no longer a chore or mess
  • As Seen On TV
  • Lightweight - weighs less than .5 lbs
  • Durable construction delivers powerful water pressure
  • Easily reach hard to get areas
  • Attaches to all standard nozzles & spigots
  • Hose head not included
What's Included:
  • One (1) Water Hose
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