Fulfillment Services

Why a GearXS fulfillment service? Let us explain...

A fulfillment center makes your life in business as we know it a lot easier by providing you with a secure, clean, and well managed facility to store your merchandise. When you are just starting up your business you know you need to cut costs and yet be able to provide your customers with the lowest prices and yet the best customer service experience. Which means fast friendly service. So considering you have to figure in all fees for shipping, handling, warehouse costs, and salaries for employees it can add up preventing you from being able to offer those low prices to stay competitive. So that is where we come in. Here at GearXS Fulfillment we take the hard work off your hands and allow you to focus on the money making aspects of your business. 

Drop Shipping Service
Okay, so you have an ecommerce site and well, it is a little bare if you know what we mean. You really do not have a lot to offer yet because you do not have the room to order pallets of merchandise from a wholesaler, or possibly not enough money to invest in truckloads of product to suit your customers needs.
Do not sell yourself short, we offer you the opportunity to list items from and sell them on your website. No worries, no hassles we package and ship the product for you to your customers through our product management online system. 
Fulfillment Service
Or let’s say you already have a well established business and you are pushing big numbers and you simply do not have space to store large quantities of merchandise. You do not have time to handle the packaging and shipping. That is where GearXS Fulfillment comes in. We have built a state of the art system that makes this process so simple.
You purchase your merchandise and have it delivered to our fulfillment center and we store it for you. When a customer makes a purchase from one of your ecommerce sites or any other sales channel of yours, we receive the order at our fulfillment center, pack, and ship the product to your customer. All your inventory is trackable in our product management online system built just for our customers. 
GearXS Fulfillment brings you a simple solution to your problems that have you sitting there scratching your head. Here is why GearXS is your #1 fulfillment center:
  • Fully Featured Online Product Management System
  • Lightning Fast Order Processing (24-48hr turn around time)
  • No Inventory Costs
  • Enjoy our Low Shipping Rates
  • Flat Fee based on your Inventory & Order Volume
  • Professionally Packaged to Protect your Merchandise
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Call GearXS today to find out more about how you can store and drop ship your merchandise in a way that is both convenient and cost effective to you! We look forward to hearing from you. 


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